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 Post subject: Nintendo Gamers
PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2014 10:41 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:16 pm
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Nintendo have been approached by someone I presume to be a woolly whoofter. He, assuming the fan is a male, has started a campaign to promote same sex relationships in game characters.

Nope, I see no deviant characteristics there CC. Bring it on. Our children need to be exposed to deviant lifestyles at the earliest age possible innit.

Born free taxed to death.

 Post subject: Re: Nintendo Gamers
PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 7:21 am 

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Revolutionist wrote:
He, assuming the fan is a male, has started a campaign to promote same sex relationships in game characters.

Heard him interviewed this morning. Must be hard up for something to spend his energies on, campaigning for.
After all, surely there can't be much wrong with the rest of the world. And the fact that he got media time internationally says something about modern journalism.

Love people, use things - not the opposite.

 Post subject: Re: Nintendo Gamers
PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 2:04 pm 
Rev' ... I presume that you are referring to this news Item: -

Sadly there is a familiar theme now in the equality game which was first brought to my attention in regard to a feminist called Anita Sarkeesian who made a series of videos, "Tropes Versus women" claiming that she was an avid gamer and was very disappointed that, generally speaking, all the main characters were male and the main task of the main character was to rescue a poor helpless, hapless, female victim, aka, the damsel in distress.
The problem is that most gamers are male therefore the market is geared for male players and speaking for myself I would not play a game that had a character I felt no empathy or sympathy for and had no association with. I have played a female character in a game called Metroid, which was one of my favourite games in the 90's, I have also played "Tomb raider" and "Mirrors edge," which both had female main characters, but I digress.

It later turned out that miss Sarkeesian had been donated $160,000 from kick starters to make her videos, then a video turned up where she admitted that she didn't like playing games and found them silly, later it was discovered that most if not all of the game footage that she used in her videos was filched off various gamers, which in my opinion is alright, .... if you accredit your sources, which she didn't, but for me the saddest was when she filched a some Artwork off a female blogger and failed to accredit her and said that she used it under the fair use as she wasn't being paid. .....

Eerrm what about the $160 grand worth of donations she received.

So there we have it, there's a lot of dosh and fame to be gained from playing the victim game, I suspect that this guy is just doing the same. ... and from what GG has said above my suspicions seem confirmed.
These people wish to impose the ideology of the minority and make it dominant over the opinions of the majority, and all by the use of feigned pain, false hurt and victimhood. ....
Speaking personally I take the view that, and I know it may seem rather simplistic, but I apply it to TV programs, films, books as well as games, .... if I don't like the content I don't buy the product. If I don't like the concept I won't buy the game, if I don't like the game play, I don't play the game. These are my individual choices I don't trey to impose my beliefs and values on to others.

I have to say that the story told to me in my infancy about the little Dutch boy on his way to school who saw the big dyke emitting fluids so he stuck his finger in the hole and saved the day, ... would not be regarded as a hero today, .. you all know the story, you all know it's innocence. ... everything else is what you read in to it.

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