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Rule Britannia!
Britannia rules the waves.
Britons diddle-idle-um-pum, pum, pum, p'pum.

Then you wave your little Union Jack in the Royal Albert Hall and cheer your patriotic heart out as if it all means anything any more.

But it did once, and sod the waves, Britannia ruled an empire that spanned the globe and spawned so many great nations who now look upon us with sympathy. Or is it pity? Now we are ruled by little men who tell us we should be ashamed of our past, of the Empire won on the battlefields of Salamanca, Vittoria and Waterloo; in the naval triumphs of St Vincent and Trafalgar. Now we are told we must apologise for bringing democracy and Marmite to the world and bow the knee in grovelling servitude to politicians, bankers and political correctness.

Well, that's what Brassed Off Britannia is all about, but it's not just in Britain that the onward march of mediocrity blights all our lives. If you are fed up to the back teeth with the way your country is going, please join us with your views.

BOB was created following the demise of Fume in the Forum (Fed Up Middle England), an excellent grumblers' site that was attacked by hackers and, sadly, never recovered. The Forum categories provide for all the usual areas of misery, but there are no restrictions. You choose the topics, and if you're not sure where to put them there's always 'The Padded Cell' in which to vent your spleen, or 'The Fireside' for soft words and quiet reflection.

Wit and good humour are particularly welcome, but if you just want to have a good rant this is the place.

Nil illegitimi carborundum
(Don't let the buggers grind you down.)

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